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What is Kundalini Yoga?


The teachings of kundalini yoga, when they were first brought to the west from India in the late 1960s, became a way for anyone to experience higher states of consciousness and to deeply connect with their divine purpose, with their true self, with their 'Sat Nam'.


Kundalini Yoga is a physical and meditative discipline that combines postures (asanas), breath (pranayama), and the chanting of mantras. Kundalini refers to the energy that lays dormant at the base of the spine. Through the practice of yoga, this energy is raised and travels up the spine, through the chakras, creating an overall sense of well being and a heightened sense of awareness. The word Kundalini literally translates as a “coiled female serpent.”


Traditionally the techniques of Kundalini were only communicated from Master to disciple and through a long initation process. In 1969 Kundalini Yoga was first taught openly to the public.


“Yoga means a discipline of mind and body. There is nothing mysterious about it. Yoga does not explain the meaning of life... It’s aim is to develop a quality of mind which can perceive reality and acquire self knowledge." - Yogi Bhajan


Why Learn Kundalini Yoga?


Stress breaks down the systems of the body opening it to all other forms of disease and discomfort. The massive explosion in interest in yoga and mediation in the 21st century is testament to the fact that people are in need of relaxation, ways of finding inner calm, and physical well being.


The average person is subject to as much information in 1 week as our great great great grand parents were exposed to in their whole lives. Between, iphones, tablets, tv, internet, the radio, not to mention advertising, the human psyche is bombarded with information at a non stop rate. Without a buffer zone for the mind, this data acts as 24/7 bombardment of emotional manipulation causing mental overload, or what we call stress.


This "buffer zone" of the mind can be developed through yoga and meditation. Furthermore, with the rise of the knowledge based economy, many of us are sedentary for hours at a time.


Yoga is the best form of exercise for maintaining health as it rebuilds the body through stretching and strengthening exercises. Through the practice of Yoga and Meditation, even for a very short period of time, major improvements in physical health and mental clarity are possible. It is also a lot of fun.

Amarjot Kaur (Ali)

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