Kundalini Yoga Cardiff

*Kaurali Yoga*


Kriyas and Meditations: Personal Practice

Below are links to a few of my favourite Kundalini practices with instruction / explanation and practice videos.


Should you be inspired to try any of them, please remember to sit comortably with your spine aligned: ears above shoulders above hips, brings you hands into prayer position, thumbs pressed to your heart centre and tune in with the Adi Mantra by chanting 'Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x 3 times, then click on the title and enjoy!


Finish your practice with 'Sat Nam' x 3 times with a long 'Sat' and a short 'Nam'.




Kirtan Kriya


Healing Ancestral Karma


Activate Prosperity


Be in Flow with Your Highest Wisdom


Meditation for a Calm Heart


Nabhi Kriya (for the Naval and Willpower)


Meditation for Emotional Balance


Healing Meditation (Ram Ma Da Sa)


- Healing Meditation Intro Video by Amarjot Kaur (Ali)

- Healing Meditation Pracise Video by Amarjot Kaur (Ali)


***NUMEROLOGY FOR 2020*** by Shiv Charan Singh Read it here

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